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Houston Regional Group - News
Perfect Day Frames Great Tree ID Class
Brandt Mannchen

The "Tree Guys" pulled it out again. By calling upon long distance assistance from above (the reservation system is "heavenly," so to speak) the "Tree Guys" had a perfect day on March 27th to do their thing and bring another great crew into the fold of Tree Identification (ID).

The day was cloudy, a bit humid, but with a delightful light wind which carried the moisture elsewhere. Five brave people attended and got the entire "Tree Guy" treatment. First, Tom wowed them with his easy to understand beginner's guide to Tree ID. Then Brandt told about how to get set-up to be a Tree ID'er and talked about the bigger picture, how trees fit into the forest.

Then the kicker, everyone went out and practiced, practiced, practiced. First, we walked the uplands portion of Tom's hacienda, called Peach Creek Woods. Certain trees were marked and Tom and Brandt went to work on the young Tree ID acolytes. Then we had a break for lunch and before you knew it we were prowling the slope down into the marvelous bottomlands along Peach Creek.

People were taught and then tested. Over and over again the eager Tree ID crew came through with flying colors. Whether it was a Southern Magnolia, Red Bay, White Oak, Laurel Oak, Sweetgum, or other East Texas trees, shrubs, or vines by the time 4 pm hit our happy and tired Tree ID'ers were ID'ing on all cylinders.

In addition, we had bonus sightings of Jack, in his pulpit, a very Green Dragon, and an ocean of white violets. Peach Creek was low, due to little rain, but flowed furiously and looked peaceful and inviting.

Thanks to Vickie, Alma, Pat, Petra, and Charles (our "color man" and as close to a ringer as you get in Tree ID). What a crew! And a big special thanks to Carl and Penny Lindsey for their annual Tree ID extra special contribution. Their support is one of the reasons why Tree ID is successful! Of course without the "Tree Guys" there would be no Tree ID and their efforts are always appreciated. Join us next year for an even better Tree ID.

March 2011

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