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Houston Regional Group - News
Bayou Banner Article, June/July 2012 -
State Highway Department Proposes SH 288 Fly-Way Over Hermann Park

- June 30, 2012 - State Highway Department Proposes SH 288 Fly-Way Over Hermann Park

Recently, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) proposed connecting State Highway (SH) 288 toll road to the Texas Medical Center through Hermann Park via North MacGregor Way. However, at the June 22, 2012 meeting of the Transportation Policy Council (TPC), after a huge public outcry, TxDOT said that it would look at other alternatives.

The TPC gave the go ahead to TxDOT to begin soon a public participation process for the proposed connector. The Hermann Park Conservancy alerted park lovers about the proposal and 100's of emails were sent to transportation officials.

The Houston Sierra Club spoke at the June 22nd public meeting and stated that in recent years park land in Memorial Park, MacGregor Park, and Herman Brown Park had been used to construct huge, noisy, unsightly, polluting freeways. The TPC must not support this anti-urban and anti-City of Houston project. Suburban, out-of-city, out-of-county drivers (one person/one car) should not call the shots about what happens in our city and in our parks.

People who live near or visit Hermann Park will suffer more noise, unsightly urban blight, and air pollution; a part of Hermann Park will be destroyed for non-park purposes; the proposal will waste scare taxpayer dollars; the proposal will cause more air pollution and congestion at Hermann Park's entrances and make access to the Third Ward and other nearby neighborhoods more difficult; the proposal will destroy quiet and solitude in Hermann Park; the proposal will degrade improvements made recently to Hermann Park; and the proposal will destroy wildlife and natural habitats like remnant Post Oak Savannah.

If you would like to participate in the public input process that will decide what will happen to Hermann Park due to this project contact Mr. Pat Henry, Director of Project Development, Texas Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 1386, Houston, Texas 77251-1386, and tell him that you want to be notified about public input opportunities for this project.

Brandt Mannchen June 30, 2012

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