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Houston Regional Group - News
Latest News

by Frank Blake

IMPORTANT RECYCLING DROP OFF SITE TO CLOSE, Please request a replacement site.

In recent months we have learned that the City of Houston plans to close the heavily used recycling drop off center located at 3602 Center Street near Washington Ave and South Heights Blvd. This drop off center is scheduled to close at the end of 2012, or possibly 6 months later if the City opts for a 6 month extension. This is the ONLY City of Houston recycling drop off center inside Loop 610, convenient to Montrose and the Heights. It serves many residents who live in apartments or who otherwise don’t have access to curbside recycling. Reportedly it is the most heavily used recycling drop off center in the City. As of now the City has no plans to replace this drop off site with another site inside the Loop.

Our understanding is that the City sold the site in mid 2011, because the land had appreciated in value and the City was selling off properties to meet budget shortfalls. The City also claims that there was ‘community opposition’ to the drop off site (probably meaning local developers who were concerned about the recycling center ‘depressing’ property values in a rapidly re-developing Washington Ave. corridor). But users of this drop off site were never advised in advance that it might be closed, so there was not a real opportunity to contest this decision. It is extremely disappointing that the City is eliminating a convenient and heavily used recycling option

Please advocate for a replacement recycling drop off facility that will serve this part of the City. Please contact council members Ellen Cohen (District C), Ed Gonzalez (District H), James Rodriguez (District I), Mayor Parker, and all the At Large Council members. Contact info for council members can be found at .

If you have questions on recycling matters, contact Frank Blake at or 713-528-2896 (email preferred).

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