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Houston Regional Group - News

Even though many of us have testified at related hearings and joined many protests, it is hard to get a full grasp of all the negative issues associated with the Keystone XL pipeline. Two men, Tom Weiss and Ron Seifert took it upon themselves to try to educate everyone. To this end they rode pedal-powered rocket trikes along the proposed pipeline route from the Canadian border to Houston and Port Author. In Houston, they read their summary, The Twelve Disgraces of Christmas in Market Square, then tried to return to TransCanada Corporation with the twelve “gifts.” See a video of the reading here; you can read the text starting in column 1 of page 1. It seems to be too much to expect a corporation such as TransCanada to have any sense of shame for the disgraceful misrepresentations - lies - discribed there, but we should expect such a sense from our elected leaders in Congress and the White House, who should be leading us to a renewable-energy future.

February, 2012

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