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Explore, Enjoy and Protect



Please relink your KROGER PLUS Card. Using your card helps support the Houston Sierra Club. To link your KROGER PLUS Card:

Register online at .

Online customer: Sign In with email & password - OR -

Not an online Kroger customer:

YOU MUST SIGN UP in the new customer box:

  1. Enter required information & agree to terms
  2. Respond to confirmation email & link to the Kroger Community Rewards Program
  3. Scroll down to"Texas" and click Enroll Now
  4. Input your Kroger Plus card number - Update or confi rm your information
  5. Enter NPO#: 81991 -or - select Sierra Club Foundation-Houston from list

REMEMBER - Your purchases will not count for the club until you register your card.

If you have questions, contact Lorraine Gibson: by cell phone (281-384-4104) or email {

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