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Explore, Enjoy and Protect



by Art Browning

The Texas Legislature's 83rd session is finished, including a couple of extra sessions, we hope. Many new laws went into effect on Sep. 1.

We have the opportunity to vote on nine proposed Texas Constitutional Amendments in the general election, the first Tuesday in November.

Proposition 6 has been endorsed by the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club. It creates new state water funds, and stipulates that "not less than 20% of the funding goes to conservation or reuse projects, including agricultural water conservation." Appropriately enough, it will use "Rainy Day" funds to address our water woes.

Here is a link to the Chapter's statement:

There were compromises, and you will read of opposition to it. It resulted from a broad coalition of conservative and liberal interests. Our lobbyists worked hard during the legislative session to defeat bad bills, and to get the best possible clauses into proposals like this one. Ken Kramer notes that, "Even if the voters approve Prop 6, much more work will need to be done to address all of the state's water needs, including environmental water needs." Progress is incremental, and this is a step in the right direction.

Information about all Propositions is at:

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