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Explore, Enjoy and Protect


By Carol Woronow

I'm baaaack--as your "new" Bayou Banner Editor.

Not a poltergeist, but real flesh and blood, although much, much older now.

As a long-time Sierra Club member, and Bayou Banner Editor in the early 1990s, I finally responded to George Batten's plea for a successor.

A bit about my history:

In the 1960s, I lived in League City and then Pasadena, finished a Masters Degree in English at the University of Houston, and taught Freshman English. Then I spent some time in Tucson where I completed a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

In the 1980s, I lived in Spring Branch, working for computer companies (Control Data and then Cray Research).

In the early 1990s, I was Editor of the Bayou Banner, and active in hiking. My favorite hike was in the San Juan Wilderness, two trips in July of two different years, the first a Houston Sierra Club trip, with snow so deep we had to give up and camp in the valley. The Conejos River was waist-deep and dangerous to cross. On the second trip (solo this time), I hiked up to Lake Ann and the Continental Divide (above the clouds). The Conejos River was barely knee-deep on this trip.

Moving to the Atlanta area, I hiked the lower part of the Appalachian trail.

Across the country to California, I worked at Silicon Graphics when the whole industry was booming. In the downturn in 2002, I went back to college to study Journalism, and loved it, but when the economy rebounded, I returned to my computer background. Journalism is great fun, but not enough to pay the mortgage.

For a time, I worked on 2nd street in San Francisco, just one block from Sierra Club headquarters. On a national outing, I slept in the Claire Tappan Lodge, a wonderful landmark.

Now I'm retired from Symantec (where I learned a lot about computer security), back to Houston for a little over a year, live up near the old Compaq headquarters, and am active in volunteer work.

So I'm both a old-timer to Houston, and also a newcomer. Today, as your "new" editor, I'm thankful for the depth of knowledge in the Houston Sierra Club, and for the helpfulness of everyone in getting me up to speed.

Superfund Site

At Lake Tahoe on National Sierra Club trip.

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