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Houston Regional Group - News - 2001
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Feature Article

Genetically Engineered Trees: The Destruction and Manipulation of Our Natural Forests
Genetic Engineering of agricultural crops has become a massive controversy in Europe and is becoming so in the United States. The idea of mixing the genetic material of different species together in a way that Nature has never done is disconcerting. (Oct 01)

Conservation News:


Lone Star Hiking Trail Annual Meeting
On 10/13/2001 the U. S. Forest Service held the Annual Lone Star Hiking Trail Meeting at the District Ranger's Office, Sam Houston National Forest in New Waverly (394 FM 1375 West). Besides the FS members of the Houston Sierra Club and Lone Star Hiking Trail Club attended. (Dec 01)

Sierra Club Meets Forest Service in the Field
The Houston Sierra Club's Forestry Subcommittee met with the U. S. Forest Service on September 7, 2001 in Sam Houston National Forest to discuss prescribed burning of sensitive areas and the proposed paving of the Lone Star Hiking Trail in Big Creek Scenic Area.  (Nov 01)

Lone Star Hiking Trail Protection Signs Made and Delivered
After two years of effort the Houston Sierra Club delivered 200 signs which will aid in the protection of the Lone Star Hiking Trail from illegal use by horses, bicycles, motorcycles, and all terrain vehicles. The signs which say, "Hiker Trail: Closed to wheeled vehicles, horses, and pack stock, Violators subject to prosecution under Regulations of Secretary of Agriculture," were purchased with funds raised by the HSC last year.  (Nov 01)

Genetically Engineered Trees: The Destruction and Manipulation of Our Natural Forests
Genetic Engineering of agricultural crops has become a massive controversy in Europe and is becoming so in the United States. The idea of mixing the genetic material of different species together in a way that Nature has never done is disconcerting. (Oct 01)

Fire History Research as a Requirement for Restoring Natural Fire to Forest Ecosystems
To restore fire as a natural, ecological process in Sam Houston National Forest, it is necessary to conduct fire history research. The purpose of fire history research is to determine from site specific, local, state, regional, and national sources of information, in conjunction with a fire field research program, the fire history of a particular forest ecosystem. (Oct 01)

Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains, and Rio Grande River Slated for New Management Plans
Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and the Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River are all undergoing new management plan processes that will result in environmental impact statements and public review and comment periods. (Oct 01)

When is a Wilderness Not a Wilderness? The Saga of Oil and Gas in Upland Island Wilderness
Most of us think Congressionally designated Wilderness is protected. We feel free from the fear that industrial extraction will harm our Wilderness Areas. Unfortunately, as the Houston Sierra Club (HSC) has discovered, this is not always true. (Oct 01)

Forest Service Proposes Paving of the Lone Star Hiking Trail in Big Creek Scenic Area
The Forest Service is proposing to pave the Lone Star Hiking Trail in Big Creek Scenic Area! The Houston Sierra Club is not opposed to handicapped accessible trails but believes that BCSA is the wrong place to put such a trail. We also believe that the primitive, long distance (longest continuous hiking trail in Texas), backcountry, hiking trail that is the LSHT should remain that way and no portion should be paved. (Jul 01)

Roadless Area Protection Saga Continues: Your Letters Are Needed
As the saying goes, "There is no rest for the wicked." President Bush has begun, with assistance from new Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth, a push to destroy protection for Roadless Areas. (Sep 01)

Bush Destroys Roadless Protection Rule
As expected, President George W. Bush, Jr. gutted the Roadless Protection Rule (RPR) and ignored the massive outpouring of public support for wild lands in our National Forests. While attempting to use the backdoor of administrative revision to cleverly deflect responsibility for the destruction of the RPR no one is fooled by the President's claims that the changes were made to provide for more local input. (Jul 01)

New Forest Service Chief Wants More Logging of Your National Forests
In his first appearance before the U. S. Senate, newly appointed Forest Service Chief, Dale Bosworth, said he wanted to significantly increase logging in National Forests. (Jul 01)

Bush Attacks Roadless Area Plan Despite Vast Public Support
On February 5th, President George Bush directed a delay in implementation of the Roadless Area Plan until May 12th. Originally the plan was to have gone into effect in mid March. The plan will protect 58.5 million acres of roadless areas in U. S. National Forests from most logging the road building. (May 01)

End Commercial Logging Bill Reintroduced in Congress
On April 5, 2001, 73 members of Congress reintroduced the National Forest Protection & Restoration Act that will "End Commercial Logging" in our National Forests, Parks, Wildlife Refuges, and Bureau of Land Management lands.  Passage of H. R. 1494 is the lynchpin of the Sierra Club's ECL campaign. (Jun 01)

Bush Orders Justice Department to Scuttle 58 Million Acre Roadless Area Protection Policy
President George W. Bush, Jr. has ordered the U. S. Justice Department to figure out how he can scuttle the roadless area protection policy. (Jun 01)

Forest Service Proposes to Log Near Stubblefield Recreation Area and Lake Conroe
The Houston Sierra Club commented on a U. S. Forest Service proposal to log Compartment 27, in Sam Houston National Forest, just south of the Stubblefield Recreation Area and just west of the Lake Conroe shoreline. (May 01)

It Is Time to Protect Longleaf Ridge
For over 20 years the Sierra Club and others have pushed to have Longleaf Ridge in Angelina National Forest protected as a National Wildlife and Recreation Area.  If we do not act soon the U. S. Forest Service will ensure there is little natural forest left to protect. (Apr 01)

Indian Mounds Wilderness Needs Some Horse Sense and Your Help
The U. S. Forest Service has proposed putting a horse trailer parking lot near the Indian Mounds Wilderness Area in Sabine National Forest. The proposal will also establish horse trails on old roads inside the wilderness area. (Apr 01)

Sierra Club Hikes Roadless Areas While Bush Mulls Dismantling Roadless Initiative
President George W. Bush is huddling with his advisors and western Republicans in Congress to determine how he will try to dismantle the Roadless Initiative that President Clinton signed two weeks before leaving office. (Mar 01)

Sell Off of Fifty-Seven Acres is Final
The U. S. Forest Service, the Clinton Administration, East Texas Congressman Jim Turner, and the U. S. Congress have agreed to sell off 57 acres of Sam Houston National Forest... (Mar 01)

Forest Service Allows Drilling within the Floodplain
On November 9, 2000, the Forest Service approved a plan by Pegasus Resources to drill two oil and/or gas wells in Davy Crockett National Forest within a streamside management zone. (Feb 01)

Support the Forest Service
Chief Mick Dombeck has created a Director for Wilderness & Wild & Scenic Rivers in the Forest Service. (Feb 01)


Grand Parkway EIS Hearings to be Held This Fall
Starting probably in September the Grand Parkway Association will begin holding hearings on the Draft Environmental Impact Statements (DEIS) regarding proposed construction of the north-west corridor of the Grand Parkway expressway. (Sep 01)

Energy Rally Big Success
On July 16, Houston Sierra Club members turned out in force to rally against the Bush Energy Plan and to speak at a Town Hall on Energy meeting organized by President Bush and Reps. Tom DeLay, John Culberson and Kevin Brady. (Sep 01)


Support Texas House Bill 1156 - Medicaid Expansion Waiver for Family Planning Services in Texas
How do you feel about supporting a bill that will save the State of Texas $114 million in two years and provide family planning services and other preventative care for 1 million Texas women? (Apr 01)

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Volunteer News:

Club Notes

Joint Canoe Club and Sierra Club Paddle Down Sims Bayou
On July 14th, the Houston Sierra Club, the Houston Canoe Club, Turner Collie & Braden, and local residents canoed/kayaked lower Sims Bayou from Reveille Park to Milby Park. Our parade included fourteen canoes or kayaks and one rubber ducky masquerading as a boat. (Sep 01)

Annual Awards to Community Citizens
Houston Sierra Club leaders Frank Blake, Arlene Diehl, Brandt Mannchen and Page Williams presented the Club's Annual Awards for the Year 2000 at the April General meeting. Recipients are community citizens who are recognized for outstanding support of environmental improvement and Sierran goals. (May 01)

Sierrans honored with Awards
Several Local Sierrans were honored with awards at the Group's annual awards ceremony, held at the General Meeting on January 4, 2001. (Feb 01)


ICO Big Bend Trip
Sierra Club Houston's Inner City Outings group coordinated the National ICO Regional Outing to Big Bend National Park October 26-30th.  Youth from Denver and Austin participated with Houston inner city youth. (Feb 01)

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